About Guadalupe Montessori School

Guadalupe Montessori School (GMS) was founded in 1979 to provide the best in Montessori education for children ages 18 months to 12 years in Grant County. After several decades, GMS still serves the children and families of Grant County, maintaining a strong commitment to educational excellence, cultural and economic diversity, and affordable tuition.

We strive to support our students in becoming citizens who care about themselves and their community, and can make meaningful contributions to society. Internally, the school employs a highly talented and dedicated staff. Locally, GMS contributes to many community efforts and provides young community leaders. Nationally, GMS is viewed as a model school for Montessori-based education.

We value the development of the whole person, academic excellence, positive social skills and problem-solving abilities. We see children who early in life are motivated to learn, explore, question, and work cooperatively make the most successful choices later on, avoid problems common to their peers, become leaders socially and academically in their high school and community.

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    • July 31, 2021