About Ruffing Montessori School

Ruffing Montessori School is located in the beautiful residential community of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. With a 60+ year history, Ruffing’s LEED certified building sits on three acres and includes a recently completed outdoor learning environment. Educating children from 18 months through eighth grade, Ruffing is a thriving co-educational, independent school, with a national reputation for excellence.

Ruffing’s Montessori program, firmly rooted in the developmental stages of children, emphasizes freedom with responsibility, promoting independence and self-direction in a collaborative learning environment. Ruffing’s faculty are experienced Montessori-trained educators who work with children in multi-aged classrooms. A rigorous curriculum emphasizes geography, history, humanities, world culture, global language, physical education and the arts in addition to the core subjects of science, mathematics, reading and writing. Ruffing graduates are well-prepared for high school and have a very strong track record of acceptance in secondary schools.

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    • June 30, 2021