Do you want to change the world? If your passion is to fuel the love of learning in others while advancing your own personal and professional growth, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of one of the world’s most innovative schools.

Acton Academy, founded in 2009, is a private micro-school and learner-driven community with the mission that each person who enters its doors will find a calling and change the world. We combine elements of the Montessori method with Socratic guiding, along with hands-on experiential quests. Underlying our method is an application of the Hero’s Journey creating a lively learning environment that feels more like an adventure than school.

At Acton, we have mixed-aged classrooms called studios with a self-paced learning design as opposed to grade-levels. Our real world-oriented quests culminate in a public exhibition of learning as opposed to test scores and report cards. In all areas of Acton life, our students are empowered to be in the driver’s seat of their learning. We spend a lot of time in the great outdoors and in the real world.

We are seeking a full time Spark Guide to work with our lower elementary school learners. To start, this studio will consist of 15-20 learners ages four to seven. In this role, you will work closely with the Acton Anacortes owners, together will help develop the yearly learning design and quests. The owners will build relationships and communicate regularly with families so that the Guide can focus on the studio and the hero. Our Spark Studio is Montessori based, so we are seeking a guide with a passion for the Montessori method.

We are looking for a smart, entrepreneurial individual who is passionate about guiding children on their independent journey of lifelong learning, and who possesses an understanding of the Hero’s Journey and the Socratic Method. Acton Academy is a network of over 400 schools around the world and the Guide will have direct access to Guide training and 20,000 pages of Acton resources, and ongoing support from other guides and owners.

Our Guide will be a world class storyteller and question asker, visionary, and learn to lead Socratic discussions. Our guide will be equipped with the depth of Acton support from around the world, and learn how to work with the Acton Academy learning design, processes and systems. Our Guide will equip our learners to explore and take ownership of their learning, monitor progress on curriculum, and create life-oriented projects that nurture curiosity.

Anacortes, Washington is a beautiful small town located 90 minutes north of Seattle, and is the send-off to the famous San Juan Islands. This idealic area is home to thousands of acres of public forest lands, beautiful beaches, and non stop outdoor activities. There is an abundance of maintained trails that wonder up mountains and around lakes, summer festivals, boats and marinas, great seafood, a vibrant downtown, and that wonderful small town living community.