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Lead Teacher
The Lead Teacher, with the support and under the supervision of the Head of Montessori Curriculum and Instruction and the Executive Director, is expected to establish and maintain a high-quality Montessori/standards-aligned educational environment. The roles and responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to, the following:

Roles and Responsibilities

Instructional Strategies
● Support and implement the school’s Montessori/standards-aligned curriculum and program;
● Develop, implement and have available as required weekly/monthly learning plans, substitute plans and any other instructional planning documents that fulfill the requirements of the Montessori/ standards- aligned curriculum and program;

● Present subject matter according to guidelines established by the Montessori program and training and by CEMCO policies;
● Assess student needs, skills and learning styles and use results to plan instructional activities, prepare lessons and utilize materials that reflect accommodations for differences in same;
● Record observations on all children, including lessons given, worked on and mastered, using the required record-keeping system provided by the school;
● Work with other members of the staff as appropriate to determine instructional goals, objectives, and methods according to CEMCO requirements;
● Guide and work cooperatively with the classroom Teaching Assistant in order to ongoingly fulfill instructional roles and responsibilities;
● Work cooperatively with the Multi-Tiered System of Support Interventionists to identify students that require interventions in one or multiple areas, assist in determining areas of focus and goals, collect data as requested, and participate in outcomes meetings;
● Work cooperatively with the 504 Coordinator as needed to refer students to, participate in and assist in the Section 504 eligibility process for students as applicable;
● Work cooperatively with the Specialized Instruction staff, including other support staff (e.g., Speech Language Pathologist), as needed for special education students according to guidelines established in Individual Education Plans (IEPs);
● Use technology to strengthen the communication process and for teaching/learning/assessment, following steps that enhance the Montessori environment; and
● In cooperation with the Head of Montessori Curriculum & Instruction and Executive Director, develop field trips which support the curriculum and the students’ practical learning.


Student Growth and Development
• Guide and support students in developing academic, moral, emotional, and social strengths by observing, documenting and analyzing their progress;
• Guide and work cooperatively with the classroom Teaching Assistant in order to ensure that students’ growth and development is ongoingly fostered;
• Conduct ongoing assessment of student achievement through formal and informal testing, daily observation, and systematic record-keeping;
• Be responsible for the safety and physical well-being of all students in your charge at all times;

• Demonstrate respect, grace and courtesy for all students and adults, and prepare visitors to your classroom to model the same respect when working therein; and
• Assist students toward self-directed learning and “normalization.” Prepared Environment and Classroom Management
• Create a classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of primary and elementary students;
• Maintain appropriate types and levels of Montessori materials on hand and regularly prepare materials and maintain their cleanliness and good condition/repair;
• Guide and work cooperatively with the classroom Teaching Assistant in order to ensure maintenance of a prepared, orderly and safe classroom;
• Collaborate with the Head of Montessori Curriculum and Instruction in the selection of books, equipment, and other instructional materials to support the program;
• Maintain an active and up-to-date inventory of materials throughout the school year and participate in the inventory processes as required by the school;
• Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities;
• Manage student behavior in accordance with Montessori principles, the CEMCO Employee Handbook, the CEMCO Family Handbook, and school policies; and
• Ensure the existence of a learning environment free of interference.

Communication and Reporting
• Establish and maintain open lines of communication by providing regular newsletters or communiques, conducting required and additional scheduled conferences with parents, and conferring with students, colleagues and administration;
• Diligently and consistently meet deadlines for report cards, progress reports, record-keeping documents, and any and all other paperwork required by the school;
• Complete an evaluation of the classroom Teaching Assistant at least once annually, per the school’s classified employee evaluation protocol;
• Ongoingly remain aware of, deliver with fidelity, collect data on, and appropriately document any interventions, accommodations and/or special services needed for/by students;
• Maintain current ongoing records (e.g., record-keeping forms, communication logs, concern and conference summary forms) on all students and have same available for school’s review upon request;
• Report any and all accidents or incidents immediately and complete the written documentation procedure required by the school;
• Strictly adhere to all mandated reporter requirements;
• Foster and maintain ongoing communication with team members and colleagues;
• Maintain the confidentiality of all student records according to the law and school policies;
• Return parent telephone calls the same day if possible; check email daily and reply to school-related messages within 24 hours;
• Proactively share your Montessori and child development knowledge with parents and continuously seek to inform them about their child’s progress and educate them about ways they can partner with the school in that effort;
• Participate in the planning and implementation of parent education activities; and
• Maintain a professional relationship with school leaders and administration, colleagues, students, parents and families, community members, and the CEMCO Board.

Professional Growth and Development
• If not previously renewably state-certified and/or Montessori-trained, work collaboratively with the Head of Montessori Curriculum and Instruction and the Executive Director to plan for, attend and complete appropriate training within a pre-established time frame;
• Attend ongoing professional development in order to maintain skills required for the job;
• Complete the professional development goal-setting program as required by TKES and the school; and
• Complete staff development activities to improve job-related skills.

Organizational Responsibilities
• Plan and supervise assignments of classroom assistant(s) and volunteer(s);
• Facilitate meaningful work for the teaching assistant(s) in line with the CEMCO job description for that position;
• Organize work so that daily time is available for record-keeping, planning time, and meetings required by the school;
• Personally compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents required to keep students’ individual files current;
• Remain informed of and comply with state, district, and school regulations and policies for classroom teachers, including the CEMCO Employee Handbook;
• Serve as a member of at least one school-based or Board committee;
• Attend and participate in faculty meetings and other in-school events as required;
• Attend and participate in after-hours meetings/events as reasonably deemed necessary by the school;
• Invite, prepare, and orient parents to be classroom volunteers;
• Support the admissions process of the school by periodically speaking with, at the request of the school administration, prospective families;
• Be a positive role model to peers, teaching assistants, trainees, and volunteers;
• Possess the physical capacity to work with children of primary or elementary age, including lifting up to 40 pounds, bending and working on the floor; and
● Fulfill other duties as determined by the Head of Montessori Curriculum and Instruction and the Executive Director.

Other Requirements
● Georgia Teaching Certification in Early Childhood Education OR Georgia Teaching Certification in a related field and passing scores on both Elementary Education Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educator (GACE) tests;
● Strongly preferred: Certification from an accredited (esp. MACTE-accredited) Montessori training facility;
● Preferred: A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in education or a related field;
● Actively embrace the Montessori pedagogy and the related skills and dispositions;
● Demonstrate the ability to relate joyfully to children;
● Maintain confidentiality of information regarding students, staff, parents, and school issues;
● Perform responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner;
● Communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
● Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others; and
● Use tact, patience and courtesy.

Compensation & Work Calendar
● From CEMCO Salary Scale per Grade & Step or negotiation; and
● 190-day calendar.

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