Qualifications: BA


Responsibilities: Able to creatively support farm school team members and the program. Has a strong understanding and knowledge of Montessori education and philosophy. Is enthusiastic about working with middle school students.  Can create and maintain strong relationships with all members of the self-governing team. Create and maintain consistent strong relationships with students to be another layer of support for staff. Support and engage with the self-governing team and supporting the program director.


Support for guides and learning environments

Program support through scheduling and organization of the program, ie self-expressions, purchasing, and trip support.
Provide level support to students and staff with day-to-day needs.
Aware of the flow in the schedule and building
Assessment support
Assist with classroom support for staff away from class/lessons
Help with student placement within the level that is in the best interest of the student
Academic support and expectation support at the level
Helping with purchasing and making sure materials are fully stocked and available


Support of Self-Governing Teams

Ensure teams meet regularly and participate enthusiastically with the self-governing team.
Give guidance and support to Self Governing Teams in the development of their annual three professional development goals set at the beginning of the year (in alignment with the annual school improvement goals) and support the team in reflecting on the team’s progress throughout the year.
Ensure, support, and participate in team “intention meeting” at the beginning of the year to “identify the team and individual strengths, weaknesses, goals, and progress for the year” and support the team in reflecting on the team’s progress throughout the year.
Ensure, support, and participate in team “reflection meetings” at the end of the year to “reflect upon” (based on last year’s reflection questions) and then follow up on reflection the following year:
What worked best this year – what did we see that made us feel that we were getting ever closer to our Montessori vision? What didn’t work so well this year – what obstacles did we discover that we need to work on removing? What new people connections did we make that helped us in our practice?  What new people connections did we mean to make but never had the time?  How can we find the time to make these connections? What do we need to do over the summer to maintain our cohesive community and continue to grow our program and ourselves as Montessori practitioners? Random thoughts:
Give guidance to the team in supporting the practice of other team members.
Give support to teams in talking about / processing difficult subject matter, especially pertaining to self-evaluation and growing together as a team
Support the sharing of constructive input with members of your team.


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