Hamlin Collegiate ISD is seeking a dynamic, energetic and dedicated Early Childhood Montessori teacher for the 2021 – 2022 school year. The applicant must have a Montessori Credential from an approved MACTE training facility. Hamlin Collegiate is dedicated to implementing the Montessori method with fidelity and expects the teacher to communicate their subject matter by using Montessori material when presenting in lessons. The applicant must show and demonstrate knowledge of fundamental elements of the Montessori method. The school’s desire is to provide a positive learning and growing experience for all our students at every level of our programs. Accordingly, and consistent with all the School’s educators, Hamlin Collegiate seeks only applicants of the highest ethical and character standards for its next addition to the Elementary Campus.

All Employees of HCISD must:
• Embody, model and communicate the School’s mission and core values (Student- centered, pride in performance, passionately hopeful.)
• Exhibit generous community spirit, professional flexibility, a sense of humor and a positive attitude
• Collaborate and work well with colleagues, parents and students
• Execute duties in a positive and punctual manner
• Be an enthusiastic lifelong learner driven toward professional self-improvement and personal growth
HCISD boasts competitive salary/stipends, small class sizes, an excellent West Texas Family Atmosphere, an extremely supportive community, and a culture committed to personal and student growth.

Please send resumes or inquiries to administrative assistant, Lisa Gonzales at lgonzales@hamlin.esc14.net

About Hamlin Collegiate Elementary School

Hamlin Elementary is striving to transform into a hands-on, collaborative learning experience. We are implementing the Montessori method at all grade levels on our campus.