Montessori Upper Elementary Teacher

POSITION SUMMARY:    Provides Montessori and SBCSC curriculum and instruction to large and small groups and individuals in all content areas.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:     Building Principal

•    Implement instructional and classroom leadership strategies which reflect the Montessori model
•    Actively participate in on-going instructional collaboration with all levels
•    Communicate regularly and assist parents in adopting Montessori practices at home
•    Implement the components of balanced literacy, inquiry based learning, and flexible grouping in all classroom
•    Integrate Montessori Philosophy in all curriculum
•    Employ a wide variety of instructional techniques which reflect differentiation of instruction
•    Fully participate in on-going staff and curriculum development (school year and summer)
•    Embrace the Montessori program and the Montessori philosophy
•    Work with coaches in and out of the classroom
•    Demonstrate an understanding of the needs of a diverse (ethical/racial) urban school population and apply appropriate instructional strategies
•    Comply and follow district and school-wide expectations

Must be certified in Elementary/Intermediate Education hold a current Indiana Teaching License and be Highly Qualified.  Montessori Credentials are required and/or a willingness to complete a Montessori UE Credentialing course in a timely fashion.
Specialized Training / Other Consideration

•    Successful experience in a public Montessori school preferred
•    Applicant must not have had a recommendation for Probation Assistance on their most recent evaluation.
•    Interview with Principal required