Salida Montessori Charter School is seeking an Elementary II Teacher. Montessori Trained Teacher, preferred, or State Certified to teach collaboratively in a 4th-6th-grade classroom.  Starting salary dependent on experience, plus benefits.  Current Colorado State Certification preferred.  Call 719-539-4887 for more information or submit a resume and cover letter to info@salidamcs.org.  Now accepting applications.



The teacher works cohesively with the assistant teacher to help facilitate the Montessori teaching method. Specifically, they must help guide the child through self-directed activities, allowing the child to develop at his or her own pace. They are expected to foster a nurturing and stimulating environment. Job duties might include teaching lessons, organizing the classroom materials, helping to establish routines, cleaning the workspace, and administering assessments. This position should have a state teaching certification.



Possess a Bachelor’s degree and be considered highly qualified for charter schools by the CDE (required)
Possess 9-12 certification from an accredited Montessori institution (required)
Possess 2+ years experience as a 9-12 Lead Guide
Enjoy working with children (required)
Possess strong classroom management skills
Possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills
Be a motivated self-starter who enjoys challenges, experimentation, and growth in a collaborative environment



Establishing and maintaining an authentic Montessori culture of learning that promotes self-directed work and normalization.
Establishing and maintaining classroom expectations that are appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of the students.
Establishing and implementing a clear conflict resolution process that is in accordance with the Parent/Student handbook and the SMCS Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy.
Guiding children through the conflict resolution process when necessary, fostering their independence in maneuvering the process.
Preparing and presenting individualized, authentic Montessori lessons with the Montessori materials according to guidelines established by AMS/AMI, and SMCS board policies.
Training the associate guide in classroom guidelines and expectations.
Serving as a mentor and partner to the associate guide.
Monitoring and directing the activities of the associate guide.
Establishing and maintaining open lines of communication by conducting conferences with parents, students, head of school, and teachers.
Writing progress reports and organizing/overseeing parent-teacher conferences.
Organizing/implementing all Upper Elementary big trips and events.
Participating in professional learning in social-emotional skills, academics, and Anti-Bias Anti-Racist work.
Maintains all professional certifications necessary.
Enjoy working with children (required).
Possess strong classroom management skills.
Possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills.


Running circle time/class meetings.
Planning and implementing a 3-year cycle of lessons.
Preparing and giving lessons to groups of students throughout the morning/week in all the different curricular areas.
Tracking the lessons given and tracking where each child is in every curricular area.
Assessing students in the different curricular areas.
Observing students/the classroom as needed.
Intervening in social and behavioral situations as needed.
Guiding students through conflict resolution conversations when necessary.
Ensuring the classroom is running smoothly and giving direction to students and the classroom guide when it is not.
Communicating with parents during drop-off and pick-up times.
Checking student work throughout the week and checking student work plans at the end of the week.
Other Responsibilities:

Commitment to ABAR personal work and professional development
Demonstrate a personal commitment to constant improvement as a teacher
A desire to contribute to the betterment of the school and the community

About Salida Montessori Charter School

Salida Montessori Charter School strives to offer an authentic Montessori education leading to students who are independent, inquisitive, respectful and empowered to realize their individual potential in future academic and life endeavors.