Unity Academy of Chicago is looking to hire a primary school teacher to educate our students ages 3-5 years old using the Montessori philosophy. Our teachers:
● Accomplish the school’s philosophy of education through instruction and example.
● Give lessons based on the individual needs of the children.
● Create a warm, nurturing and safe environment in which children can explore and engage in meaningful self-directed activities.
● Take precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, facilities, and keep accurate records in compliance with relevant laws, policies and regulations.
● Collaborate with administration to create and implement rules and policies regulating student conduct.

To ensure success, candidates should form interpersonal relationships with all their students, families and colleagues and take an interest in their general well-being. The candidate should have strong class management skills and be an inspiring role model for the students and parents alike. Top candidates are caring, empathetic, compassionate, perceptive, hard-working, organized, and strongly believe in self-reflection & self-development.

Primary Teacher Requirements:
● Bachelor’s degree, preferably in early childhood or elementary education.
● Montessori certified
● 5+ years experience in classroom
● Excellent observation, communication and classroom management skills

Highly competitive compensation will be offered to qualified candidates.

To learn more or apply for the position, please email your resume to: info@theunityacademy.org

About Unity Academy of Chicago

Unity Academy of Chicago provides its students with an education that instills a lifelong love for learning and excellence. Our students are taught to view and understand the world through the light of the Glorious Quran and the teachings of our Noble Prophet Muhammad and his pure family. Through a comprehensive curriculum and compassionate environment, Unity Academy equips students with the knowledge, values and mindset they need to contribute to a better world.