Position Title: Elementary Teacher Grades 4-6 FT (1.0) All subjects
Department/Location: Montessori School
Job Classification: Professional Staff
Reports to: Principal, Associate Principal
Supervises: N.A.

Do you have an unwavering BELIEF and drive for ALL students to develop the capacity and skills to be community, college, and career ready for our global world?
Do you have demonstrated experience in educating ALL students in a loving environment with rigorous standards that are focused on high academic success and rich character development with a drive for excellence?
Do you have experience working in a 21st Century learning environment dedicated to equity, diversity, innovation, and human excellence and collaboration?

If you can answer “YES!” then working with Wauwatosa School District may be the opportunity for you.
Wauwatosa School District shares an unyielding belief in the potential for every child to excel academically, a relentless drive to improve education for all children, and a commitment to continual professional growth making us the perfect team for you to join.

Reasons we’ll love you as a candidate:
Ambitious: You are ambitious on behalf of your students with a strong desire to continue your own professional growth
Collaborative: You prefer to work collaboratively, both will colleagues and families of your students
Strategic: You are driven by data to make strategic decisions around instructional planning
Engaging: You commit to engage and provide opportunities for students to grapple with challenging content

Our ideal candidate must have:
– Experience teaching in an urban or diverse setting
– Ability to build strong trusting relationships that value all cultures and are inclusive
– Ability to teach with urgency to reach and uphold the District’s mission and vision for all students

Position Summary: The teacher delivers quality instruction to District students, equipping and inspiring them to conquer their challenges now and in the future.

Relevant certification through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
AMI or AMS Montessori Certification
Knowledge of effective teaching practices
Ability to design lessons that meet the educational needs of all students
Ability to work in a collaborative manner with other staff members
Knowledge of the key components of professional learning communities (preferred)
Knowledge of PBIS and MLSS (preferred)
Understanding of relevant common core standards (preferred)

Essential Job Functions:
Professional Knowledge: Demonstrates an understanding of the curriculum, subject content, and diverse needs of students by providing meaningful learning experiences.
Demonstrates an understanding of the curriculum, subject content, and diverse needs of students by providing meaningful learning experiences
Addresses appropriate curriculum standards
Integrates key content elements and higher-level thinking skills in instruction
Demonstrates ability to link present content with past and future learning experiences, other subject areas, and real-world experiences and applications
Demonstrates accurate knowledge of the subject matter
Demonstrates skills relevant to the subject area(s) taught
Bases instruction on goals that reflect high expectations and understanding of the subject
Understands intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of the age group of students
Uses precise language, correct vocabulary and grammar, and acceptable forms of communication as it relates to a specific discipline and/or grade level
Gains knowledge and understanding of school, family, and community resources to help meet all students’ learning needs
Demonstrates appropriate accommodations and modifications for diverse learners

Instructional Planning: Uses approved curriculum, instructional strategies, resources, and data to meet the needs of all students
Aligns lesson objectives to approved curriculum using student learning data to guide planning
Plans accordingly for pacing, sequencing content coverage, transitions, and application of knowledge
Plans for differentiated instruction
Develops appropriate long- and short-range plans and is able to adapt plans when needed
Uses resources, including technology, to effectively communicate with stakeholders regarding the curriculum shared in their classroom

For a complete job description, please visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zF6f8clb2nelu-Mvg-zxr_5ZMEWOU8OkADOlvH-JFzs

About Wauwatosa Montessori School

Wauwatosa Montessori is one of the District's newest schools, having opened in 2012.

The school is located on the lower level of the Fisher Administrative building at 12121 West North Ave.

We are unique in that we do not serve specific neighborhoods as our student enrollment is not directed by boundary lines, rather a lottery system.

The Wauwatosa Montessori School's mission is to provide children with an authentic Montessori education that will foster a love of learning, self-confidence, personal creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our Child-Centered program will assist individual children to discover their true potential through the nurturing of their intelligence and creativity through an environment and methodology that is designed to facilitate the development of the child’s independence and sense of personal empowerment.

Our Children's House serves grades 4K and 5K, Lower Elementary grades are 1st-3rd, and Upper Elementary serves grades 4th-6th. The Adolescent Program serves students in 7th and 8th grade.

To read more about Montessori curriculum visit: https://www.wauwatosa.k12.wi.us/cms/lib/WI02216059/Centricity/Domain/13/Wauwatosa_Montessori_School.pdf