AUSTIN ISD EQUITY STATEMENT: Austin ISD is committed to developing shared definitions and expectations of equity across our District that are consistent with our Board priorities. The definition of equity from the National Equity Project will guide our transformational work. o Educational equity means that each child receives what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential. Working Towards Educational Equity: o Ensuring equally high outcomes for all participants in our educational system; removing the predictability of success or failures that currently correlates with any social or cultural factor: o Interrupting [Disrupting] inequitable practices, examining biases, and creating inclusive multicultural school environments for adults and children; and o Discovering and cultivating the unique gifts, talents and interests that every human possesses. https://nationalequityproject.org/ -Austin ISD Board President, February 2019

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Position requires a Master’s degree in education, administrative certification as required by the State of Texas. Three (3) years of successful classroom teaching experience and two (2) years of administrative experience are also required. SKILL REQUIREMENTS: This position requires curriculum, instruction, site-based improvement, and professional development expertise. Incumbent must: • Have knowledge about planning, staff development, and personnel management. • Ability to lead, inspire, motivate, and involve others to create quality learning and work environments for students and staff. • Demonstrate both leadership and management skills, work well with staff and the community, and communicate effectively both orally and in writing. • Have the ability to problem solve and handle a variety of administrative duties within tight timeframes. This position requires knowledge and skill in the use of personal computers. Employees in this position must be able to read, write, and speak/communicate in English in order to receive and to provide work-related information in a timely manner to other employees, supervisors, principals, school personnel, volunteers and where appropriate, visitors and students.

JOB PURPOSE AND RESPONSIBILITY: This position is the chief administrative officer of an individual school. Incumbent is responsible for hiring, supervising, and evaluating teachers and staff, developing, and implementing educational programs in the school, overseeing extracurricular activities, and assuring that Board policies are fully carried out, as well as directing all support services of the school. Incumbent is responsible for the administration of the school programs and services, as well as supervision of teachers, counselors, and other administrative staff at the school. Document Name: AP – Elementary School Principal Page 2 of 3

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: COMPETENCY 1: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADER • Ensures implementation of daily and long-term planning and delivery of instruction in all classrooms that are relevant, rigorous, and aligned with state standards, including college and career readiness standards, and culturally responsive teaching practices. • Monitors and ensures implementation of high quality, aligned, and culturally responsive instructional practices among teachers and staff that improves performance for all student groups and promotes equitable outcomes for marginalized and underrepresented students. • Collects, analyzes, and utilizes multiple forms of disaggregated student data to inform instruction, intervention, and enrichment, and maximize student growth and achievement for all student groups. • Ensures relevant and meaningful research-based professional learning with teachers and staff that address the unique socio-cultural needs of individual students and result in effective instructional practice/student growth.

COMPETENCY 2: TALENT DEVELOPER • Engages in ongoing professional learning to increase cultural competence in order to recruit and hire diverse staff to promote equitable practices to meet the unique socio-cultural and academic needs of all students. • Coaches and develops the professional capacity of the teachers and staff by providing opportunities for meaningful, aligned, and ongoing professional learning to promote each student academic and social emotional success • Develops and empowers teachers and staff to share ownership and responsibility for the school’s vision and goals for equitable outcomes. • Uses observation and feedback to build teacher capacity in an established growth and development model, and uses the District standard rubrics/forms and processes to analyze teacher observation data and calibrate across the campus leadership team

COMPETENCY 3: EXECUTIVE LEADER • Collects disaggregated data, identifies problems, analyzes root causes, and develops and monitors effective strategies to resolve issues. • Leads strategic change that continuously elevates and sustains high-quality educational programs and opportunities directed at improving student outcomes. • Develops and utilizes a strategic plan to guide decision-making and adjusts accordingly. • Allocates and monitors financial resources responsibly, complies with all state and federal laws and District policies and procedures, and exhibits professional standards of attendance, behavior, and actions across the campus and District.

COMPETENCY 4: CULTURE BUILDER • Fosters and sustains a culture of empowerment and continuous improvement that recognizes and responds to the voices and perspectives of a diverse school community, where all cultures, identities, developmental levels, languages, etc. are celebrated. • Ensures an identity safe, welcoming, and inclusive school community that supports all students’ intellectual and social emotional development, through multi-tiered systems of support, that foster mutual respect and collaboration, demonstrates empathy, and promotes acceptance. • Models a comprehensive school-wide approach to culture and climate systems that are clear, equitable, and aligned to District expectations. • Communicates with parents/families/caregivers regarding students’ academic and social-emotional strengths and areas for growth and solicits and is receptive to diverse viewpoints in order to promote equitable decision-making.

OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED: Perform other related duties as assigned; however, all employees are expected to comply with lawful directives in rare situations driven by need where a team effort is required. Document Name: AP – Elementary School Principal Page 3 of 3

PHYSICAL EFFORT AND WORK ENVIRONMENT: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Services are generally provided in an office and school setting. Some travel is required. This position may involve possible exposure to blood or body fluids. Regular attendance is required for this position.

PERSONAL WORK RELATIONSHIPS: This position reports directly to the Associate Superintendent for Elementary Schools. Incumbent receives general supervision from the Associate Superintendent. Performance is reviewed on the basis of documented student achievements, maintenance of Board policies, meeting of established deadlines, operating within established budget, and public comment. The Austin Independent School District, as an equal opportunity educational provider and employer, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or gender expression or any other basis protected by law in educational programs or activities that it operates or in employment decisions.

About Winn Elementary School

Winn Elementary’s Montessori Program is one of roughly 550 Public Montessori Programs in the United States. As part of AISD’s commitment to innovative excellence in schools, Winn’s Montessori program seeks to make an authentic Montessori experience accessible to all children.