Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative (METTC)

METTC’s teacher education program offer Elementary I, Elementary I-II and Elementary II (stand alone) credential courses at the glorious Lexington Montessori School (Lexington MA). Our programs are affiliated with AMS and accredited by MACTE. We provide a summer intensive experience that integrates curriculum and focuses on building communities as an experience for all adult learners and faculty. We're committed to inclusive ABAR informed Montessori learning experiences, and updated, carefully curated albums, resources and presentations. Our faculty of over 15 Montessori teacher educators; including a couple of AMS Living Legacies, all dedicated Montessorians, we practice collaboration, fidelity, innovation, and community.

108 Churchill Ave.
Arlington, MA 02476
United States

Phone: (513) 253-8117

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Montessori Affiliation: AMS

Program Level(s) Served:

Elementary (6–12)

Elementary I (6–9)

Elementary II (9–12)

Program Contact: Robyn Breiman

Program Director: Robyn Breiman, D'Neil and Michael Duffy, William Maier

Course Level Course Formats Start Date
6-9 2 Summers 06/28/2021
6-12 2 Summers 06/28/2021
9-12 1 Summer 06/21/2021

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