Montessori Teachers College

Since inception in 2005, Montessori Teachers College aims to ignite the flame of a quality Montessori education in each of our Montessori teachers which respectfully and intelligently nurtures, guides and follows the child in a beautifully prepared Montessori environment.

Montessori Teachers College’s objective extends far beyond educating adult learners in the Montessori philosophy and methodology and the technical and procedural requirements for acquiring Montessori certification. The certification is a by-product of our mission to ignite our adult learners’ passion to appreciate and respect through observation, the child’s spirit and love of learning and exploring for themselves. By preparing our adult learners for the responsibilities of leadership within the Montessori community, we

4963 Front Street SE

Phone: (416) 417-2213

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Montessori Affiliation:

Program Level(s) Served:

Infant and Toddler (0–3)

Children's House Primary (3–6)

Elementary (6–12)

Elementary I (6–9)

Elementary II (9–12)

Program Contact: Huss Akbar

Program Director: Huss Akbar

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