Montessori Western Teacher Training Program

MWTTP offers a consciously designed experience that prepares the adult learner to create a positive psychological environment. Not only do we guide the adult learner through the Montessori philosophy and materials, we offer that "extra something". Through the study of interpersonal growth and development, conflict resolution, positive discipline, peace education and communication skills the adult learner develops the skills vital to facilitate a Montessori classroom. Only the experience of a nurturing environment can get you conscious of how to create one, and TRANSFORM your life, the children's lives and the WORLD in the process!

5856 Belgrave Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92845
United States

Phone: (714) 897-3833

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Montessori Affiliation: AMS

Program Level(s) Served:

Children's House Primary (3–6)

Elementary I (6–9)

Program Contact: Michelle Light Baker

Program Director: Michelle Light Baker

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