RIE Foundations Training

This course provides an overview of the Educaring® Approach including gross motor, fine motor, social-emotional development of the infant, designing the environment, planning the curriculum, and issues in parenting. The Foundations Course (64 hours) is facilitated by Beverly Kovach and Nicole Vigliotti who are both AMS certified and experienced Montessori teacher trainers.

The professional development courses are designed to enhance the skills and competencies of parents, and professionals who work in the field of infant care, teach in a college environment, work with parents, or train students in infant care and development. Particular attention is provided in integrating RIE principles within the Montessori curriculum.

208 Church Street
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
United States

Phone: (843) 460-3545

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Montessori Affiliation:

Program Level(s) Served:

Infant and Toddler (0–3)

Program Contact: Nicole Vigliotti

Program Director: Nicole Vigliotti

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