West Side Montessori School’s Teacher Education Program – New York

WSMS-TEP is located within West Side Montessori School on the upper west side of Manhattan.

We want our graduates to be prepared to work in multi-cultural settings and in all programs –– from half day to full day to childcare to family day care. We prepare students who are open to change and who are committed to the highest standards for themselves, for children, and their families. Our graduates deeply understand the importance of a transformative education and the uniqueness of the Montessori approach.

From our experience, our graduates are well prepared to create child-centered, high-content environments, to design thematic curriculum units, and to work collaboratively with parents, co-workers, and other professionals. They are empowered to become change agents in their communities.

309 West 92nd Street
New York, NY 10025-7213
United States

Phone: (212) 662-8000

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Montessori Affiliation: AMS

Program Level(s) Served:

Infant and Toddler (0–3)

Children's House Primary (3–6)

Elementary (6–12)

Elementary I (6–9)

Program Contact: Lisanne Pinciotti

Program Director: Lisanne Pinciotti

Additional Location(s):

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